Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nicholas Roerich Museum linked to 666 reptilians

There has been much written about the reptilian invasion of Earth. It has allegedly lasted for

thousands of years and has mankind secretly enslaved to reptile humanoid entities that feast on

our blood , war , fear , pain and misery. There have been countless stories of these nefarious

entities living in cities or structures under the Earth. Many believe that pathways or tunnels to

their labyrinthine lairs lie hidden around the planet, particularly in the Himalayan mountains.

SEE: and and .

1. Nicholas Roerich was a mysterious mystic that allegedly discovered or contacted the

mystical underworld civilizations in the India - Tibet region nearly a century ago. .

2. Shambhala is associated with the Nagas , a race of serpent humanoids. and .

3. The Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery in , Naggar , Kullu Valley , India is as the name implies

located in a city named after the Nagas - the reptilian underworld entities. . See also

(scroll to near bottom) .

4. Naggar is located at latitude 32.7 (or 327 numerologically speaking ). .

The Number 327 links 666 and 216 (6x6x6) with PHI or the Golden Ratio. .


The Prime factors of 327 are 3 x 109 - see: . In western

numerology , largely based on the Kabbalah of the jews , zero has no value. Therefore , 3 x 109

is 319. The address of the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York City is numbered 319. .

COINCIDENCE ? or Reptilian Agenda at work? You decide.


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