Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mississippi Massacre on 666th day after 9/11 attack

There are ever-growing indicia of a link between illuminati numerology and so-called terror

attacks and acts of mass murder or suicide attacks. Whether this is just the usual coincidence

explanation or part of a vast , hidden scheme , is up to the reader to determine.

1. The 9/11 attacks are well known. This link is provided for background and historical

purposes only. and

also .

2. On July 8 , 2003 , a mass murder occurred in a Lockheed Martin plant in Meridian ,

Mississippi. A lone gunman , yet again , shot 14 co-workers , killing 6 , then killing himself. .

3. There are those that suspect that this mass killing of human beings is part of an ongoing

ritualistic process orchestrated by the satanic minions known to all as the Illuminati. Scroll down

50% - .

4. Both 9/11 and the Mississippi attack happened on Tuesdays. 666 Days from one incident

to the other. . Go to the link and do the calculation



Do the math , the answer is always the same - 666. That is what is behind this looming octopus

that like a fascist cancer spreads itself across the globe. Today , as this writer typed this , the

Obama Health Care bill passed the House. This will further abortion - human sacrifices and lead

to a chip being implanted in every citizen containing their "health records" , the main reason 666

Obama begged members of his own party to pass the abomination. Time is running out. Resist

or bow to the Beast. The choice is yours.

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