Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vangelis Aphrodite's Child 666 link to Genesis code

The famous greek music composer and producer known as Vangelis was linked to an alleged

illuminati / satanic psychedelic music album named ' 666 ' . This album was created when he was

associated with a band called Aphrodite's Child. and .

See also Illuminati linkage: scroll down 50% .

He also directed or created the Music for Conquest of Paradise. Which is what Lucifer tried to do.

Chariots of Fire - which is associated with biblical references to UFOs. .

The Number 451 is associated with the movie Chariots of Fire and with Fahrenheit 451. Some

believe that Ray Bradbury , the author of Fahernheit 451 is a 33rd Degree Freemason. .

The Number 703 is linked to the mysterious Philosopher's Stone and forms part of a triangle

linked to 666. 2701 is 37 x 73. The number 37 is the largest

prime number divisible into 666. This mysterious triangle or combination of triangles noted in

the previous link sits on a base numbered 3627. Scroll down to near bottom of previous link.


The time duration or length of the Vangelis / Aphrodite's Child 666 album is 36:27 minutes.

Note , this is for the CD I which has the actual 666 prominently displayed on the cover. .

Coincidence again? Interestingly , CD II is 41.33 minutes in length. If you reverse the time,

it would be 33.14. This appears to be a combination of the Masonic 33rd degree and the 3.14

numbers which begin the Infinite Pi number sequence. Strong's Number 4133 in the Greek

New Testament start with the greek letter for Pi. .

The number 4133 is a mathematical evil number. .

The nick2211 link noted previously places the number 3627 with The Book of Genesis. It has

a connection to Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama.!.pdf . Vangelis also did the music for an album

titled Heaven and Hell. That is ... your menu of choices. Choose well. The two 666 CDs have a

combined length in seconds of 4680. That number is mathematically speaking both an Evil

number and an Apocalyptic number. .


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wotiewotwot said...

V angle is? V could be meant to represent a right angle. Which could also be viewed as L. L Gate spiral system?
Just a thought.

wotiewotwot said...
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wotiewotwot said...

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience"

(528 - the keys of the house of David?)
I just want to say I am enjoying trawling through your site. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Wait,wait, wait, what is this great blog? well I think that this band is will need generic viagra if they continue playing satanic music, no no no. it is a joke, great coool.

Mike S. said...

"Prime number divisible into 666"???


Mike S. said...

"Prime number divisible into 666"???


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