Sunday, August 10, 2008

Illuminati Tavistock Institute link to 555 Numerology exposed

Previous mention has been made in previous articles of the use of the number 555 as a code or

link to the Illuminati. 555 was Adolf Hitler's Party Number (google it if you don't believe it) and

the Washington Monument, an egyptian obelisk in fact, is 555 feet above ground which happens

to be 6,660 inches. There are also numerous other links to this sigil for the infernal network that

can be seen by simply googling term 555 illuminati or see: / / .

The Tavistock Institute has been allegedly linked to Illuminist mind-control experiments. See: and / / .

The city of Tavistock, U.K. is located at latitude 50.55 N / The town's most

famous son was the pirate Sir Francis Drake - .

Sir Francis Drake worked at the behalf of the occult loving Queen Elizabeth I of England and her

black magician John Dee. .

"It is a fact that in 1588 a great storm did scatter the ships of the Spanish Armada in the

English Channel and aided the English victory. This meteorological event was popularly credited

to a magic ritual performed by the buccaneer Sir Francis Drake on the cliffs of Plymouth.

Superstitious people believed Drake was a wizard and sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for

success over the Spanish. It is claimed he also organised several covens of witches to work

magically to raise the storm and prevent the invasion. " .


The 555 network is 666. Tavistock Institute links to wizard Sir Francis Drake birthplace at

latitude 50.55. These may be the roots of the British Illuminati. They raised a storm to become

a superpower and Britannia , oddly "rules the seas". They are linked to the 23.5 bloodline

network. and to the sea deity Triton.

Triton is the coldest place in the solar system. It is 235 degrees below zero. .

Can these numerical links that connect these phenomena be coincidence? Reader's Choice.....

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