Sunday, August 31, 2008

Left Behind 216 exposes Fidel Castro link to 666

The numerology of the illuminati is hidden from the masses , yet easy to find once one is able

to discover and know of its existence. Many dates, addresses , building designs, heights and

angles appear to have a hidden meaning or code. Whether this is simply for "show" or whether

the numbers have some form of hidden power is unknown, but it would appear that this type of

elaborate expenditure and effort would be for nothing of substance.

This brief article will expound on a connection discovered between the advent of the Fidel

Castro regime and 666. Fidel is long known in Cuba for his involvement in the occult. This info

merely adds to the list.


Fidel Castro and the occult: or google terms.

Fidel Castro Santeria / Fidel Castro Occult.

It is believed he reigned for 49 years and survived hundreds of assassination attempts due to

his usage of black magic adepts and their rituals and spells.

Left Behind 216 number as code for 666:

216 = 6x6x6. and .

The line of latitude 21.6 passes through Cuba: .


On February 16, 1959, Fidel Castro became the official leader of Cuba. 2-16... .

666 rose to power in Havana on 216....coincidence ? The reader must decide.


George said...

are you retarded?

Rocky said...

Even if he is, George, at least he isn't blind and asleep.

susane said...

J’adore vraiment ce que vous faites, bravo !!! Merci bien de partager avec nous cet article.

voyance par mail gratuite


It's sad how many people are "still" blinded by how asleep they are. I hope they wake up before the 'big' blink ;-)