Sunday, August 31, 2008

G-D storms hit Burning Man Judas Priest and Decadence Festivals

A sign that the higher forces on the ethereal plane are getting sick and tired of the evil that is

continually being glorified and engaged in by ne0-illuminists in the USA is the weather that is

attacking their "festivals" and "concerts".

It appears that G-D , or at least Mother Nature may be growing weary of the evil energy

vibrations that are generated by design by these alleged pseudo-satanic groupings and their

veneration of all this is sinful, wicked and bizarre.


1. All in the same time less... The Burning Man Festival in Nevada is hit by strong

windstorms which cause many of the pagan anarchists in attendance to flee. See:

"we are in a total whiteout" ...The storm hit on the Saturday afternoon before the Saturday

night climax in which the effigy of a man is burned. .

2. The heavy metal rock band Judas Priest, while performing in the cricket center in 33rd

parallel masonic Phoenix, Arizona had its performance shut-down by 100 MPH hurricane force

winds. "Unusually powerful thunderstorms generating hurricane strength winds ripped through

the Valley on Thursday Night....(Thursday is named coincidentally after Thor, the viking god of

thunder and lightning)..." . If you google judas priest hurricane phoenix , you will find a quote by a concert-goer

that says "It was about as windy as God would want it to be for Judas Priest". This segment was

also in the print newspaper but was deleted on the article for posting on the internet. An

attempt to post an article about the storm impact on the concert also met with the section

deleted , presumably by the media. . WHY?

3. The Decadence Festival in New Orleans. A major event in that blighted city. It was taking

place during the present Labor Day weekend in the USA. Now, Gustav, a mega-hurricane is on

the verge of finishing the job started by Katrina, almost three years to the day. See Decadence

Festival: / and it is

described as "the gay Mardi Gras" . All this partying is now

over of Gustav , which in english means "good riddance" steers a course oddly

similar in timing , strength and strike zone as Katrina. .


Is the mighty Wind of G-D scouging those who travel the Left-Hand Path of Darkness or is this

merely ...yet again.... a coincidence? The reader must ponder this, perhaps while listening to the

song by Judas Priest - THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM....The real storm. The one that is

coming on December 21, 2012 , the Mayan end time - the return of Kukulkan, the fiery serpent. .


currito said...

I can not believe there are people around the world with your thinking, give me more afraid the Norwegian death metal bands

currito said...
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