Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yale Skull and Bones 322 Celebrates Ostara War Feast

The Skull and Bones symbol has a number. It is 322. Many have pondered at the meaning.

The official explanation is that it is linked with Eulogia , a greek goddess that went to heaven

in 322 B.C.

See Symbol: .

Eulogia: Scroll down 50% .

A greek goddess that ascended into Heaven and did not return to Earth until the founding of the

Society at Yale in 1832. Things are stolen to give to her as gifts. Apparently some of these things

are human remains such as the Skulls of Geronimo , Pancho Villa and possibly Che Guevara.

1. As is obvious, in the USA , where S&B is located 3-22 is March 22. This happens to be

the feast day of another goddess - Ostara.

and / .

2. Ostara is Ishtar / Venus / Astarte ...she comes with many names but none of them is

Eulogia. Scroll down 50% .

3. It is interesting that Ostara is known as the Queen of Heaven and that Eulogia supposedly

ascended into Heaven. and .

4. The theft of human remains appears to be part of the Skull and Bones ritual repertoire.

George H.W. Bush's grandfather and S&B member allegedly stole Geronimo's Skull and it is

in the cult's possession to this day.

This may mirror the so-called Sacred Theft or Furta Sacra that was common in medieval

Europe. or google

Furta Sacra Sacred Theft.

5. The practice of stealing skulls became widespread in the early 1800s. This is about the

time that Skull and Bones was formed at Yale in 1832. .

6. Ishtar - warrior goddess: . The Iraq War was started

by George H.W. Bush on Ostara - March 20, 2003 .

Think about it.... the date 3-20-2003. The sequence is 322 3 or 3 223. The date is a forward

and backward 322 ... The Number of Skull and Bones and the Number of Ostara.

7. Eulogia means Blessing in Greek. .

8. Ostara is about Blessing : .


It cannot be a coincidence that the S&B number is 322 and the Iraq War has obvious

322 symbolism AND that the War began on the Feast day of the "Queen of Heaven" while

Skull and Bones worships Eulogia a goddess that ascended into Heaven in 322 BC but now

resides in their "Tomb". Eulogia is a smokescreen. Behind the Mists lies Ishtar - Ostara.

The real deity of the cult is now known. It is linked to Babylon, modern day Iraq, a place that

Dubya and Daddy Dubya are obsessed with. Now ... you know why.

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