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Yale Harkness Tower links reverse Pi to 666

Yale University now provides the USA with its Presidents. Both Bush I , Bush II and Bill

Clinton are from there. Bush I and II are members of the school's secret society known as

The Skull and Bones Society. Our next President will not be from Yale, but our next Vice

President will be - whichever Party is chosen by the Illuminati to "win" the election. Watch

and See...

This writer has found an odd numerological link , a "coincidence" that links The Tallest building

on the Yale Campus , and until 1990 , in the surrounding town of New Haven, Connecticut, with

the concept of reverse Pi and the code number for the antichrist - 216 - in the Left Behind

book series. The evidence will be provided to the reader and the reader must determine if

this is a coincidence or further examples of the rule of a satanic cult over America.


1. Information on the Harkness Tower on Yale Campus:

The tower was started 200 hundred years to the day that the cornerstone was laid for the

first building in Yale. The month was October. .

2. The Tower is 216 feet tall . This therefore makes it also 66 meters tall. .

3. The Harkness family intermarried with the Taft family. The Taft Family created the Yale

Skull and Bones Society. The Harkness family became wealthy in the Oil business and owned

Standard Oil - linked to the Illuminati Rockefeller family. or google Yale Skull Bones Harkness .

4. The latitude of the Harkness Tower is 41.30 N - see upper right corner of screen on next

link: .

5. The Harkness Tower has 284 steps to the top. .


1. The number 216 is 6x6x6 or 666 or 6 cubed. This is the number that is code for the

antichrist in the semi-fictional Left Behind Series: .

2. The number 66 , as in 66 meters , is the Number of the Qlippoth , the evil shards of the

Tree of Death or the kabbalah. **This also shows another usage of the number 216 as a code for

evil. 216 feet = 66 meters. Scroll down 15% .

3. The mystical irrational number Pi is minimized to be 3.14 .

4. The Reverse of Pi would be the numbers 413 or the 41.3 of the latitude of the Harkness

Tower. This could also mean FOUR 13 or....... FOR 13. scroll down 40% / .

As being for or in favor of The Thirteen, the unlucky number of the witches coven and the

day of October 13 when the Knight Templars were arrested centuries ago.

5. The number 284 , as in 284 steps , is linked to 666. You ask HOW?

Here is your answer: 6x6x6 + 6+6+6 = 284

The 6x6x6 leads to the 216 foot height of the Harkness Tower and add 18 0r 6+6+6 and one

arrives at the 284 steps leading to the 216 foot altitude. The tallest building on campus ....or hell.

6. As noted previously on the initial links, The Harkness Tower has 54 Bells. The number 54

is associated with 666 - "In addition, 666 degrees is 54 degrees short of the complete second

circle and when dividing the 360 degree circle by 54 degrees you get 6.66...The other side of a

54 degree angle in a right angle is 36 degrees and 36 divided by 54 is .666. - scroll down 80% .

Further , The other side of the 54 degree angle in a right angle....36 is also linked to 666 itself

and so is the founding of Yale University itself on 10-8-1717. Scroll down to bottom

All the numbers added together from 1+2+3+4...+36 = 666

17.17 = (6+6+6...+6)/6 with 17 sixes inside the parentheses.

The date October 8 is 10-8 or 18 which is 6+6+6 =18.

The Year 1717 was when the first Grand Lodge of Freemasonry also began in England and the

Scarlet Woman of the End Times is discussed in Revelations: 17. scroll to bottom.

7. An approximation for Pi is 22/7. In fact 7 - 22 is Pi approximation Day. Google for proof if you

need verification. 22/7 x 22/7 x 22/7 or 22/7 cubed = 0.06413 - go to and

insert 22/7 x 22/7 x 22/7 = for answer.

8. 06413 is the Zip Code for Clinton , Connecticut, the home and burial place of one of the

founder's of Yale University. and Abraham Pierson .

President Clinton went to law school at Yale. 7-22 or Pi approximation day would be July 22.

The Sun usually entersLeo on July 22 or Pi day .

(July 22 may also be Cancer - it is on the Cusp)

President Clinton is a Leo: .

9. Oddly enough , Zip Code 00641 is in Puerto Rico... Utuado , Puerto Rico .

The Line of Longitude 66.6 runs through Utuado County , Puerto Rico. .

Puerto Rico was "born" into USA control when the Sun was in Leo - July 25, 1898 .


Elihu Yale made his money to fund the birth of Yale University through the oPium trade. or google Yale Opium.

Those who smoke opium are said to "Chase the dragon's tail" . .

Those who "chase their tail" are said to run in circles... The dragon or serpent eating its own

tail forms a Circle as well. .

A snake eating its own tail is a known as an Ourobouros. .

An Ouroboros looks like the letter ' O ' of the word OpiUM. The word Opium without the pi is

Oum which is a mystical sound associated with the universal symphony . scroll down 50%.

The O is , as you can see by looking at it, a Circle...Pi - is about Circles. .

Alas, The Harkness Tower is no longer the tallest building in New Haven, Connecticut. It has

been replaced by the Connecticut Financial Center. It is topped with a Pyramid. .

The Great Pyramid of Giza is linked to 22/7 Pi Approximation Number: .

It all comes Full Circle...The Illuminati Base at Yale is designed from scratch to serve Evil.

Do the is all in the numbers.

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