Friday, August 1, 2008

Kofi Annan Ghana linked to Giza Pyramid and 555 Cult

A previous article has shown that the City of London is aligned at the same angle as the Khufu

Pyramid to the Giza Plateau. This angle also happens to be the latitude of London and the same

alignment paradigm molds perfectly to the Illuminati "New City" of Astana, the capital of

Kazakhstan. See: .

ACCRA , GHANA - Capital of First "Black African" Nation to free itself from Yoke of Colonialism-

1. See:

ACCRA , GHANA , formerly the British Colony of Gold Coast is also the only capital city in the

world located in exact alignment with the Greenwich Meridian. It is at ZERO longitude. .

2. The Mormons , in Meridian Magazine stated that West Africa was "Satan's Stronghold" and

that opening their Temple in Accra would be like dropping an "Atomic Bomb" on this stronghold

of Evil. .

3. Accra, Ghana is located on latitude 5.55 N. .

4. The 555 Brotherhood and the number itself are linked extensively to the Illuminati: / / .

5. The distance from Cairo to Accra is 2,634 miles -

Cairo is near the Giza Plateau and the name means Mars in arabic. .

The numbers 263....

The 26.3 degree angle is known as the Christ Angle and 26.3MHz is linked to pulsars. Both are

linked to Giza. and .

6. If one looks at a map of Africa, it is apparent that the -roughly- 52% angle slope of the

Great Pyramid connects Giza to Accra and that the distance from Giza to Accra is nearly the

same as the distance from Giza to London and Astana respectively. See map: .

7. There is an Illuminati Arch and a tall "Pyramid House" building in Accra which coincides

with the Pyramid of Peace in Astana, One Canada Place in Canary Wharf, London and Giza has

the wonder-of-the-world Khufu Pyramid. .


The first african colony to be free from colonialism in sub-saharan Africa is on ZERO longitude

linked to Greenwich , UK on 555 latitude and in alignment along a 52 degree Khufu Pyramid

Angle with Giza and ultimately Astana , Kazakhstan. This nation also happens to be the home of

Illuminist Kofi Annan. .

Ask yourself the following question....If this is not coincidence and it is done with purpose and

sophisticated design....what Human Being could plan , prepare and produce this vast panorama

of interlocking architecture and alignment from foggy London, to tropical Africa to the vast

frigid and frozen steppes? The answer is NO HUMAN COULD. Then what is one left with for

an explanation as to who...or....what is behind this? That is for the reader to figure out.

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