Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Iraq War 3-20-2003 link to 666 Apocalyptic Power

A number of articles have been written citing the Occult numerology or "signature" of the

starting date of The Bush Crime Family's Iraq War II.

See: a)


Further, in western numerology zero has no value. Scroll down 30% .

Therefore , The war start date or birth date is 3-20-2003 becomes 3-2-23 or 3223.

The number 3223 is The Number for the Skull and Bones insignia going forward and going in

reverse. This has previously been noted along with the Ostara pagan holiday "coincidence" of

the start date of the war. .

More has now been discovered regarding the number 3223. It is linked to 666 directly. The

number in mathematics is a so-called "Apocalyptic Power". It is also a "Lucky" Number. .

666 link makes 3223 an Apocalyptic Power: Click on line for "apocalyptic power" . (explanation provided on link).


The Iraq War II called Operation Iraqi Freedom began on a "lucky" day to begin the

apocalypse leading to the reign of the antichrist whose number is 666. A 322 Yale Skull and

Bones Bush I began the first Iraq War and Bush II , also a Boner, began the second. The line of

latitude 32.23 runs through Iraq in the region once known as Babylon. scroll down to second article.

You can see it is all in the numbers. Do the math.

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