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Athens Parthenon links Earth Axis Tilt to 666 Opium

The complexity of the illuminati architectural , numerological and geometrically workings is

only now being unravelled in detail. It agains serves to prove the hypothesis that whatever is

behind the secretive group is not only nonhuman but Superhuman.

This particular article will focus on an odd "coincidence" or correlation between the ancient

Mystery School Capital of Athens, Greece and the Earth's Axis and the number 666. Athenian

culture forms the basis for much of western thought and was were the Parthenon or great

temple of the ancient greeks is located. The ruins are now being restored at great cost. The

purpose is likely to enable future illuminist rituals to take place there.

The Evidence:

1. Various numbers are 'code' for 666:

a) 616 is the supposed 'real' number of the beast:

b) 919 is an upside down mirror image for 616 and thus 666:

scroll to bottom - .

c) 36 has close connections to 666: scroll to bottom - .

d) 216 is 6x6x6 and is the number of the beast in the semi-fictional "Left Behind" series:

(If one adds 666 + 216 (6x6x6) one gets 882). .

Adding all of these numbers together 666 + 216 + 36 + 616 + 919 one gets the sum of 2453.

Go to and insert the previous formula for verification.

e) 882 feet is the length of the ill-fated Titanic: .

f) 2440 is the number were 666 first appears in Pi: scroll down 90% .

g) As noted, 2453 is 2440 plus the Unlucky 13 of the satanic witches coven: .

h) 24.53 latitude is where the evil, largest city of Pakistan is located. Despite the longitude of

Karachi being described as 67 degrees , in fact it is 666 or 66.6 degrees. A double-dose of evil. see also: .

The previous link notes that it was developed by the "British Raj" to be the largest city in

Pakistan. The British Raj was masonic. They knew exactly what they were doing and where.

This is evident in the design of Islamabad on the 33rd parallel , much like masonic Washington,

D.C. .

i) The drug Capital of narcotics super-power Mexico, is Culiacan. It is located at 24.5 degrees

latitude. .

The drug trade there was started by the US Government. "It is one of those black box things" .

Culiacan is the home to the black magic shrine of Jesus Malverde , the patron saint of drug

dealers and La Santa Muerte cult. .

j. It just so happens that the near the 25th parallel N and S are so called Vile Vortexes. Ley lines

where negative energies tend to congregate. The Parallel 24.53 runs through all of them on both

the northern and southern hemispheres. . See map on link.

k. It just so happens that the opium Golden Crescent in Afghanistan , The Golden Triangle in

Burma/Laos/Thailand and the Opium Mexican Golden Triangle of Sinaloa (capital is Culiacan),

Durango and Chihuahua are all intersected by this grid line of evil. See map on previous link in

"j" above. .

l. Much has been made of the 23.5 degree angle , the (average present ) axis of the Earth and

the Merovingian bloodine.

and .

m. The 23.5 degree earth axis tilt is an AVERAGE. It actually varies from 22.1 to 24.5 degrees. .

n. At 24.5 degrees of axis tilt, the amount of sunlight reaching the causes the greatest difference

in the amount of sunlight reaching the earth between summer and winter. .

o. The lunar month is 24.53 days. .

p. The martian day is 24.53 hours. or google mars 24.53 hour day.

q. The Moon-Earth-Mars link to 216. .

r. The Longitude of Athens , Greece is 23.44 degrees. .

s. This is the exact tilt angle of the Earth axis in latitude .

t. Athens was the nerve center or nexus of the ancient world's mystery schools. Acadamies of

the occult , the hidden knowledge of the Illuminati. The Parthenon , a temple dedicated to the

goddess Athena, may be the most important building in the world.


The sacred animal for Athena was the Owl. The Hegelian Society has their newsletter called

The Owl of Athena. Athena was the goddess of wisdom. Athena was the goddess of illumination.

The Illuminati... . The line 24.53 longitude passes through the eastern

end of Athens , see it on a map for yourself. This is the true nature of the secret society network

showings its once hidden face. The evil is there. Do the numbers....they do not lie. ...

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