Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Left Behind 216 links Pi Day to Montsegur Cathars

The bizarre numerology of the Illuminati often leads one wondering if in fact , we , humans, are

in a Matrix in fact, not just at the movies. The connections, often across lifespans, centuries and

Oceans....cannot be the work of Mankind. This article attempts to provide proof of this to the

reader, whose decision it must remain.

The Cathars surrendered to the beseiging army at Montsegur, on March 14, 1244 A.D.

According to some information, 216 marched down from the fortress to be burned at the stake.

The Cathars were said to be followers of the Persian Prophet , Mani, from which we get the

word Manichaenism. This was a very popular and widespread Gnostic belief system in the

middle ages and in the centuries following the life of Christ.


1. The Number 216 is Left Behind series , "End Times" code for the antichrist because 216 is

6x6x6. .

This corresponds to the 216 Cathars that marched down from the fortress of Montsegur to be

burned rather than forsake their belief. This number comes from "Mysteries of the Knights

Templars" 2008 Calendar by Sir Simon Marsden. . The

excertp on Montsegur is for the Month of August 2008. (Calendar highly recommended for info)

Therefore, there is an odd link in the Number of the Beast in Left Behind in code and the

number of persons burned at the stake. That would be a coincidence, by itself , but the

Cathars were also known as Albigensians after the town of Albi in France. Albi has the line of

longitude 2.16 run through it : and .

More coincidence?

2. As noted, the Cathars were followers of the persian prophet Mani. See: "a distinct influence

of the Persian Manichaens by means of the Bogomils in Bulgaria, and from there to the Cathars

is quite certain. " scroll down 15% .

The prophet Mani was born in the YEAR 216 A.D. .

3. The Cathars surrendered on March 14, 2044 A.D. .

4. March 14 of that Year was Easter and the Equinox. .

5. March 14 is (in the USA) 3-14 which corresponds with the 3.14 mystical Number Pi which is

"celebrated" on March 14. and .

6. The Languedoc region of France where Montsegur is located is linked to Golden Ratio number

for Longitude. 1.618 = . Thus,

the region's top two locations for purposes of the Cathars - Albi and Montsegur are linked via

numbers to Pi and Phi.


216 Cathars walked out of a fortress located near a line of longitude very close to the numbers

for Phi - The Golden Ratio. They were followers of a prophet born in the Year 216 AD. Their

movement was based in a town intersected by longitude 2.16. The number 216 is code for 666.

The day they surrendered combined Easter , The Equinox and Pi Day. All of this is verifiable fact

as the reader has seen by going to the links in this article.

Coincidence , Conspiracy , a Matrix or a Mega-Ritual? Which it could be is up to the reader.

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