Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Earthquake to Destroy Iran Busher Plant 2-24-2012

The ancient but recently rediscovered science of astroseismology has come up with a prediction:

Iran's Busher Nuclear plant will suffer an "incident" due to Earth Movements...something

commonly called an Earthquake on February 24, 2012. How is this analysis and conclusion made?

1. Neptune, the planet that rules the zodiac house of Pisces has moved into Pisces for the
next 14 years. Neptune rules the Oceans and was called the Earthshaker and believed by the
ancient greeks to rule over earthquakes.

2. Mercury, the planet of communication and sudden movement moves into Pisces on the 13th of February, 2012. It will rapidly align with Neptune, one of the outer planets that moves slowly through each house of the zodiac.

3. On or about, February 23, 2012, the Sun moves into Pisces. This will be an alignment of
Sun - Fire - Nuclear Energy and Water - Earth movement and Mercury - Rapid movement.

4. Pluto is in Capricorn - the sign of the Sea Goat. Mountains. Iran is a mountainous land. Near
the Sea. Pluto is radical - violent change. The underworld. Iran nuclear program is under a
mountain. Busher is near the Persian Gulf.

5. Iran is ruled by Mars. It is the ram. Mars is now retrograde in Virgo. This sign rules Israel. Virgo is the opposite sign of Pisces. Mars retrograde opposes the Sun/The Oceans/Rapid moves and the result will be VIOLENT AND SWIFT.

This is the prediction. The Heavens were made by God. His power works through them. The plant will be disabled and the fallout will be a warning. The black-turbaned ones will not listen.
More punishment will follow. Israel will also suffer. The opposition is against its house of origin.

Both countries will suffer severely from the Sea. Israel will be opposed by Water for 14 years. A sign of the problems to come was apparent with the recent capsizing of the Carnival Cruise ship off of the Isle of Giglio. Carnival is owned by the Arison family of Israel. The heiress is the richest woman in Israel. It happened 100 years after the titanic disaster. The greek gods defeated the
titans. Neptune took the oceans, Zeus the heavens and Hades the underworld.

Other prediction. The USA enters an epoch where its Navy will rule the seas for 14 years. Neptune in Pisces forms a favorable trine to the USA house of birth of Cancer. Trines are a good or fortunate aspect or angle. A major sea victory over Iran and or Syria is predicted. This could include a victory of Somali pirates as well.

The Army of the USA will recede as the lead fighting force in wars. The Navy will regain its once top primacy in the struggle with the Army. The symbol of Neptune or Poseidon is the trident. This happens to be the symbol for the USA Delta Force commandos. Expect them to become creatures of legend with incredible victories for the next 14 years.

The British Navy will score some points as well...since...Britannia Rules the Seas. Also, 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon, according to the Chinese. Countries known for their Naval strength and prowess will rise to the top of the military power struggle.

OPERATION SEA DRAGON - Bashir Assad taken out by Delta Force - made to look like someone else. The name Assad means lion. It is the King of the animals. Leo is a fire sign. For the chinese, the dragon is the King of the animals. Water is opposed to fire and snuffs it out. Bashir Assad will be overthrown in August of 2012. Leo rules August. The unseen hand of those whose symbol is the trident...will not be seen or known until later.
You heard it hear first***More predictions to follow - no agenda...just predicting the future.


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