Sunday, November 9, 2008

337 Babylon Demons expose Black Swan Obama

It is becoming increasingly apparent and known that the political processes of the USA , and

many other societies are influenced if not outright controlled by hidden occult forces. The human

agents of these forces are known by many names, one of which is The Illuminati.

Sadly, there are those that believe that the selection by these forces of Barack Hussein Obama

to be the resident of the masonic structure known as The White House ... is no accident. The

reader may find the following facts useful to proving this hypothesis.

1. Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech at Grant Park, Chicago , Illinois. .

2. The Address for Grant Park is 337 E. Randolph Street - .

3. The numerical equivalent for HELL in Hebrew is 337. This comes from the passage of the

jews into captivity and exile in Babylon through the Gates of Babylon which were adorned with

337 Demons of a Reptilian nature. scroll down 70% .

4. Grant Park is part of the Burnham Plan for Chicago. It was a plan create in 1909 by Daniel

Burnham , the architect behind the Masonic Tower in Chicago which for a period of time was

the tallest building in the world. You can see from the following link the odd look of some of the

park designs for Chicago from the air. . Burnham

and Masonic Skycraper in Chicago. .

5. Grant Park was based on French Parks with Geometric Designs. . It was expanded to add Millenium Park and

has a central theme point the Clarence Buckingham Fountain. This fountain is the official starting

point for Route 66. . Route 66 connects to

Route 666 at "The Crossroads of Evil" . See

also Highway to Hell - .

6. The Burnham Plan is visible in the Virtual World. The place to see this is at an illuminati

linked 555 address. Also noteworthy addresses with the Burnham Plan are 216 or 6x6x6 and

The well known 333. See: and and

See 333 / 555 / 216 Illuminati Numerology for reference: .

Obama met Michelle his wife while working for the law firm of Sidley and Austin in Chicago. / .

Go to and insert - Sidley Austin 555 - you will discover that their branches in

both San Francisco and Los Angeles are at 555 addressed buildings. Then repeat the same

process and insert Sidley Austin 333 - you will discover that their branch in

Shanghai is at a 333 location. Further, Michelle Obama has her own 555 connection: .

COINCIDENCES? Of course, what else could it be?

7. As noted in the first link in this article, when Obama won the election and accepted the

nomination for President of the USA, his electoral vote total was 338. The number 338 is

linked to the Great Pyramid and the Meso-American legend of the Four Suns. . The Number 338 is the double of 169

which is 13 squared or double 13 squared. The Number 13 is of deep importance in both

freemasonry and illuminist ideology. The concept of 13 squared is implicit in illuminati control

of reality according to this website. scroll down 70% .

8. Obama began his candidacy in Springfield , Illinois. .

9. Springfield , Illinois is the Capital of Illinois and is built on a latitudinal grid. scroll down 50% .

10. The Illinois Capitol Building is the tallest nonskyscraper capitol building in the USA, even

taller than the national capitol builing in Washington, D.C. It is aligned to all four points of the

compass. . As noted on the next link,

the building is 361 feet tall. .

11. 361 is 19 squared. 19 is associated with the Illuminati. 361 is one more degree than a full

360 degree circle. Scroll down 50% . One degree

is known as "the divine needle". This may refer to the needle like tip of the Capitol building in

Springfield , Illinois...and elsewhere. The needle concept is similar to an Obelisk or the needle

used in chinese acupuncture which affects the Energy Field of the human body.

12. To coincide with the bicentennial of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln, the "Premier Event

in Masonic Education " will take place in Springfield , Illinois in April of 2009. Obama will be

inaugurated in 2009 as President of the USA. . During the

Presidential Election of 1860, the ONLY CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT THAT WAS NOT A

FREEMASON ... was Abraham Lincoln. .

Union Station in Springfield has a "dark past" and is linked to Freemasonry. . There

are a lot of Masonic Temples in Illinois... . Obama actually

announced his candidacy and selection of Vice President (Senator Biden) from the Capitol

building itself in Springfield. scroll down 25%.

13. A candidate for President needs 270 electoral college votes to win the election. .

The Number 270 is a mathematical 'evil' number

14. The total number of votes in the electoral college is 538. .

The Number 538 is a mathematical 'evil' number . .

The average human gestation period (time it takes for a baby to fully develop in womb) is 270

days. The Black Swan Tower in Perth , Australia has been suspected of a link to the coming

antichrist. Scroll down 20% . It is 270 feet tall.


Barrack Street is where The Black Swan Tower , whose bells may be ringing the arrival of

"The Man of Sin" is located. . See photos.

The 337 address Grant Park is best known for the '68 Riots at the Democratic National Convention. .

The Numbers 337 and 68 feature prominently in the Quran (Koran) Code in the section known

as "Ultimate Mathematics" . and .

See also the correlation between 68 and 337: .

It is curious that Obama has spent much of his life and was born the closest to Australia of any

US President. He was born in Hawaii (?) and lived in Indonesia, very close to Australia.

Barrack Obama is Black. He need to win 270 votes to get to the White House similar to the 270

foot tall Black Swan Tower in Perth. His rise is unexpected. No one would have predicted a

black man that was a complete unknown globally or nationally to be in the White House in 2009.


The Black Swan is a symbol for The Devil....... .

Megadeth has provided the appropriate or "appropriate" music for you to sing along with while

you, Dear Reader, ponder this. . *

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