Monday, November 17, 2008

Number 44 links Obama and Biden to Young Satan

The illuminati would have the brainwashed masses believe that the reality in which they exist

is "normal". Yet, at every turn, evidence mounts that in the economy, the Wall Street bailout,

the weapons of mass destruction not-found in Iraq, and on and on....everything is a lie. Much of

the paradigm of control is based on or associated with numbers or numerology. Things happen

that in sheer scope, number and volume CANNOT be coincidence. Yet we are told it must be just

that for no other explanation can exist.

This article touches upon this repetetive phenomenon in the Number 44. A number which

has odd connections and therefore links Obama to Mark Twain to Joe Biden. What it could mean

or what is behind it ... is up to the reader to determine.


The number 44 can be written 2x11x2 or 2112. This happens

to be the title of an album by the Rock group Rush and relates to a song about a future world

in which mankind is enslaved by some all powerful futuristic priesthood....i.e.; the illuminati.

See: and .

The band tributes the right-wing philosopher Ayn Rand in the album. .

Ayn Rand was the girlfriend / paramour of Phillipe de Rothschild. She wrote the book Atlas

Shrugged which is a blueprint for illuminati global control.;action=display;threadid=13875 and .

The number 44 is the number 2112 which connects to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged - the code

and blueprint for illuminist control. 21 + 12 = 33. The number of Freemasonry.

1. Obama and the mystery behind the Number 44 at: .

He is the 44th President...the one that will lead us to the Temples of Syrinx , as noted in the

album 2112, inspired by Ayn Rand.

2. Joe Biden is an Orangeman. He is an alumnus of Syracuse University. Their power number

is 44. / .

The House of Orange is the Home of the Illuminati: / and scroll down 30% .

3. Mark Twain and the number 44: In his alleged/possible last book NUMBER 44 was the

name for "young satan" / /

It appears that the link between Obama and Mark Twain has been noted but in a somewhat

obscure and unusual manner. .


What are the odds that Obama 44th President, Biden an Orangeman from a 44 cult college,

the Rush 2112 Ayn Rand inspired illuminati blueprint and "young satan" are all coincidence?

If not, then Obama is the Chosen One. He will lead us into the century from 2012 Mayan End

Times into the 2112 Temple of Syrinx infernal empire. Hang On, Temperature Rising...44 celsius

and we are just starting to get warmed up. Martin Luther King was shot dead on April 4th. 4-4

and now a shell , a walk-in, assumes power in the White House numbered 4-4. How odd ...?

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