Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bush Military Execution on Goddess of Liberty Day

Bush...the prolific Texecutioner is desperate. He needs another human sacrifice ritual

masquerading as an execution or "Justice" prior to leaving the Presidency which he twice stole.

This December 10, 2008, the US military prepares for its first execution since 1961. Bush, true

to form as always, has signed off on it with eager approval.

The purpose of this article is to alert the public to the true , evil , purpose behind this ritual

killing by a regime that simply cannot - cannot-- stop shedding human blood.


See: / .

DECEMBER 10 is the Roman Festival of Lux Mundi or Light of the World. It was celebrated

in honor of the Goddess of Liberty. .

The Masonic Lux Mundi Press publishes books and such for the brotherhood .

Lux Mundi and Chaos Magic rituals: .

The Masonic Goddess of Liberty depicted in the Statue of Liberty - illumination for the world. ... The Illuminati and The Freemasons.

The previous link notes that "The Goddess of Reason was enthroned by the French Convention..

and the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was desecrated for that purpose...troops of ballet girls

carried torches of truth..."

The Statue of Liberty has been linked to the Occult .

Lux Mundi or Light of the World and "Statue of Liberty Enlightening The World" - .

The previous link described the Statue as "The New Colossus" which refers to the colossus of

Rhodes. The Colossus of Rhodes is to be rebuilt. .

The Colossus was a statue of the solar deity Helios: .

Helios and the illumination of the world known as The Oscars Ceremony: .

Libertas or Liberty is the Babylonian goddess Ishtar .

The United Nations has designated December 10 as Human Rights Day. .


The scheduled execution on December 10, 2008 by the US military under orders of the serial

texecutioner in the White House is an affront to the concept of Human Rights. It is also a last

sacrifice in blood to the pagan deities of the freemasons which Bush has allowed to grow fat with

his endless wars , executions, renditions , tortures and lies. This must be seen for what it is and

it must be stopped.

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