Sunday, November 23, 2008

Antichrist numerology of Bush Federal Executions

The purpose of this article is to establish a framework of information on the masonic-satanic

numerology behind the executions or " texecutions " of George W. Bush. The killings are done

with a ritualistic timing and purpose. A looming execution date by the US Military, the first one

since 1961, approaches on December 10, 2008. This particular article will act as background for

an immediate follow-up article whose purpose is to prevent this psychic ritual from happening.

Previously Provided Information and or Articles:

1. Timothy McVeigh execution had link to number 19 and 666. .

See also: Mcveigh executed on the 39th parallel. scroll down 85% .

2. The Death rows of 33rd parallel , former Confederate States, align with Abu Ghraib and

the 33rd parallel is the only parallel in the world where every country that it touches in the

North latitude has the Death Penalty in effect , except Bermuda (since 2000). .

New Information - Federal Execution of Raul Garza Numerology:

3. He was executed on June 19 or 6-19. . * This happens to

be the same date as Ethel and Julius Rosenberg executions for giving nuclear weapon secrets to

Stalin and the USSR. .

4. 619 is also 616 with the 9 turned right-side up. 616 , 919 and so forth are codes for 666.

scroll down 90% and

999 or 9 upside down is code for 666. .

5. 666 - 619 = 47. The Number 47 is itself linked to 666. "The number 666 is equal to the sum

of the digits of its 47th power" .

6. The Time Magazine cover for June 19, 1972 had as a title The Occult Revival - satan returns,16641,19720619,00.html = 619 = 616 = 919 = ... 666.

New Information - Federal Execution of Louis Jones, Jr. .

7. The Gulf War veteran whose brain was affected by residual nerve gas depot that was blown

up in the first Bush family Gulf war was executed on March 19. 3-19 or 319. He was executed

at Terre Haute , Indiana , like Raul Garza. Terre Haute , Indiana as noted is on the 39th parallel

and coincidentally , so is Ft. Leavenworth, where the first miliary execution since 1961 will take

place on December 10, 2008 (unless we stop it). . see upper right of article on both links for cities. . Isn't odd that civilian and military execution

facilities are located on the 39th parrallel, even though they are in different States? The 39th

parallel or 3 x 13 is linked to illuminati phenomenon and "The Heartline of America" as well as

the war deity of the romans - Mars. / /

Timothy McVeigh's death brought the number of people killed as a result of the OKC bombing to

169. Which is 13 squared.

(The Illuminati Trader for Wall Street is 39 e-pages long .

8. Human Sacrifices have been made to Mars also known as Aries or Ares. Are the executions

a new version of this masquerading as "Justice"? .

9. 3-19, just by looking at it has the same familiar number 19 ring to it. It just so happens that

March 19 is the Feast day of Minerva or Athena. /

10. She is a War goddess and shares the 3-19 feast day with Mars.

What better a sacrifice than Louis Jones , Jr. a decorated hero from the Grenada conflict and

Gulf War I veteran?

11. The Owl of Minerva or Athena is associated with Hegelian philosophy and the Hegelian

dialectic linked to Bohemian Grove with its mock human sacrifice rituals.

and for extensive information on the Owl - Athena - link see: .

The Owl is a bird of prey. It is a killer. Killers killing killers is the name of the execution game.


Bush The Texecutioner is now The Fedex-cutioner. He is still bringing home the bacon for

the infernal entities he and his fellow illuminists serve. Even in the waning days of his regime,

he now prepares for a final human sacrifice, on December 10, 2008, on the line of Mars, the war

god that the Bush family has so faithfully served.


Yanclae said...

IF you think that 6 and 9 are the SAME number, you might start to make conclusions which favour Oblivion, or the parties and people who hide behind "illumination".

619 is a redeeming number in this set although through your method there is no clear method to discern this.

I do not trust the logic within the authorship of this list. There is no conclusive logic, except the facts of correlations within these numbers. Without being in denial of any of these crimes herein listed, I demand a greater scope from the numbers rather than results of timespace throughout human recorded history.

Even Jesus seeks to perfect himself through the body of humanity, as we all move closer to Our Father's all powerful compassion.

Yanclae said...

It is true that madmen will preclude certain dates for these dark commemorative rituals, but you must hearken to the actual date and time wherein those rebellious individuals actually made the decision.

The time between the phase of when the decision was made, virtually unknowable except to the individual or party who makes such decision, is an offsetting factor for numerologists and the accountants of time to reconcile the course of events of [natural] history to mankind's preconception of [social] history.