Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama Berlin and Denver Speeches link to 528 Hz

Obama is an actor on a stage. Like the movies generated out of Hollywood, millions or billions

of dollars are riding on the outcome and there is little room left for chance. Everything from his

selection by the Illuminati to be the "Leader" of the USA to his speeches, locations for TV

appearances and so forth are contrived and controlled. This article shows the connection

between his speech to his largest live audience in Berlin, the Ley Line that runs through that

region and a sound frequency that activates human DNA.


1. The most important energy line in Berlin is near the Victory - Nike - Column and the

Brandenburg Gate. .

2. Berlin, the famous and infamous capital of Germany is in the German State of Brandenburg. .

The latitude line 52.8, as noted in the previous link runs just north of Berlin , which is not part of,

but surrounded by Brandenburg land. .

3. The French launch site for outer space journeys based in French Guiana in South America

is located at latitude 5.2 and Longitude 52.8. .

4. The town of Shugborough in the United Kingdom / Great Britain is at latitude 52.8 .

5. The Illinois was dreamed up to be the tallest building in the world. 5,280 feet tall and 528

stories. .

6. A Mile is 5,280 Feet. Denver, Colorado is the MILE HIGH CITY -

7. The Democratic Convention that selected Obama took place in 5280 Denver - and .


8. 528 and 5280 are mathematically speaking, evil numbers and apocalyptic powers.

9. The Holy Grail and the idea of the DaVinci Code bloodline of Jesus is heavily linked to
Shugborough: / / /

10. The Solfeggio 528 Hz Frequency is allegedly linked to psychic phenomena such as healing

and DNA rejuvenation. /

Listen to the sounds of Obama's Victory: .

11. The Solfeggio 528 Frequency is associated with the Crown Chakra at the top of the human

brain. It relates to DNA integrity , Transformation and MIRACLES. .

12. Obama talks of Integrity - Transformation - Miracles: "He is in fact an agent of transformation. He is not operating on the same plane as ordinary politicians." .

"Miracle" Stevie Wonder's remix of his hymn to Obama: .

Obama and his Integrity: .

More on Solfeggio: .

13. The number 528 may be the key to the bible code and the DNA structure of the first

human - ADAM. .

14. The Crown Chakra is associated with The Eagle: .


Obama is the illuminati Eagle that will fly with the masses in his claws directly into the eagerly

awaiting outstretched arms of the New World Order. . His

rise is being aligned with the Crown Chakra of the masses and the 528 numerological frequency-

Slavery will be voluntary.... The few who rebel will face the music and it will not be a Love song

by Stevie Wonder.


issipap said...

tell me what you drink!!!
your analysis is excellent!!!

The Boss.

wotiewotwot said...

Here's a little rap song for you

all about lurve...


Love... the universes symphony,

528...the most powerful of frequencies.

The much more than a fallacy.

Years of lies and being subject to trickery.

Power and money created fraudulently,

The power of love flowing like electricity.

For months now I've been studying history.

Friends and family thinking am I going crazy.

Tell me what's is the deal with frequencies?

and while your at it... cover reality,

You Masons...and the so called Illuminati.

What's with all the lies and the trickery?

Loved ones laid to rest in a cemetery

a place where the spirit is set free?

Love for God shared wholeheartedly,

Believing in the church irrespectively.

We party in Ibiza and Glastonbury,
feeding the ley with our love energy?

When we are there 'lovin it' at places such as Wembley,

are we giving away...our love energy?

Visiting the Queen for tea or honorary,

are they bottling up all that love energy?

When you take a walk out, in the country,

flowing energies that you just can't see.

No more loving on ley lines for me,

Not until I unravel this mystery,

If we are all apart of the same synergy

tell me what your doing with love energy?

'Love frequency 528' check it out mate.


KJ said...

Thank you for this interesting article :)

BTW I've found some info about 528Hz here -> 528 Hz

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