Thursday, October 9, 2008

666 Arches links Satanic Bologna to McDonalds

Many oddities and so-called coincidences link the phenomena surrounding the illuminati. This

is notably present in the context of numerology. The present article discusses an odd link

between the so-called satanic capital of Italy, Bologna and the Golden Arches symbolized

McDonalds restaurant chain. The reader is left to decide if there is a connection or a case of

chance or serendipity.

1. Bologna is considered a satanic city in Italy. The capital of this evil working may be Turin.

See also: .

2. Bologna is known for its 666 arches. / see more

photos at .

3. There are alleged links to McDonald's and Freemasonry. .

4. Alleged links to the Illuminati - .

It is by now long suspected that the Illuminati have to be "marked" with a number linked to

evil. This also appears to be the case with their business entities. Mcdonald's is no different.

MCDONALD'S 666 at:

The next 666 Golden Arch site is on a Quince Orchard Rd. .

The Quince is considered to be the actual "apple" in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in

the Garden of Eden whose eating led to the fall of man. / .

See photos of 666 McDonald's: .

In India, McDonald's even some to provide delivery service from Hell!!! .

More 666 Burger joints - this one from Ohio- .
Even as far as Korea - .


Can it be coincidence that a satanic city with 666 arches connects with the Golden Arches in

connection with the evil number? The connection may be Freemasonry. The reader must

decide. Burger , Fries and Beelzebub? Who knows...

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