Sunday, October 26, 2008

666 links Oswald Kennedy to 9/11 Attacks

Much has been discussed regarding the odd circumstances and links to the Occult of the

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This article may add some additional insight and

information. The following links are provided for reference:

1. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22 or 11-22. In Europe, it would be called 22-11.

2+2 or 2 x 2 = 4. Therefore it could be '4'-11 or 411. .

2. 11 + 22 = 33 , The number of the Freemasons. JFK was killed in 33rd parallel Dallas. .

The official story of the JFK Assassination states that Lee Harvey Oswald shot him from the

6th Floor of the former Library related building. There is now a so-called 6th Floor Museum

in that location. The address is 411 Elm Street. The final portion of the phone number is 6660. .

The Number 666 bears no introduction but it is linked to the Golden Ratio or Phi being divided

by 666 . This leads to the number 411, which happens to be the height in meters of one Tower

of the NYC WTC. . is also linked to the address in the bogus official line as to where the shots were

fired that killed JFK. 666 , The Golden Ratio , another 666 in the phone number, the 6th floor

and all leading to the 9/11 attacks on 411 meter towers. The number 11 in both attacks as well.

Also, the number 411 is a mathematical 'evil' number and an 'Apocalyptic Power'. .

The reference to ELM as in Elm Street is of noteworthiness in the ritual of the Cutting of the

Elm of Gisors. This is linked to the Knight Templars and the Merovingian Dynasty. scroll 1/2

way down. . The Elm at Dallas was cut down on

11-22-1963. . See: "Elm is associated with Death and

Rebirth" .


JFK was actually shot from the so-called Grassy Knoll. The rest is illuminati fiction and their

satanic symbolism - lies....from the servants of the Father of Lies, the Devil himself.


A.G. RIOS said...

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Lewis Caine said...

JFK was killed by numbers alright. 666 and 33. 33 being intimately associated to occult. 33 years in life of Christ. 33 Degrees of Freemasonry. 33 Vertabrae. 11/22 was the day. 11+22 is obvious. But what is not so obvious is the connection between 666 and 1122. If you have a rectangular prism with the volume of 666 units, and the dimensions of the rectangular prism are 111 by 2 by 3, you will find that the surface area of that rectangular prism is 1122 units.

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