Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pi Pentagon links Earth Circumference to Giza Pyramid

The US military headquarters known as the Pentagon is an illuminati stronghold replete with

interesting numerological aspects. Some are well known , while others remain hidden. This

article hopes to bring to light some information that may not have been previously known to the

public. It links Pi - The Pentagon - The Giza Pyramid and The Circumference of the Earth.

What it could mean is unknown. Whether or not it si coincidence is left to the reader.

1. Pentagon's 5 walls are 921.6 feet in length. Scroll down 80% .

2. The number 9216 is a 666 Apocalyptic Power in Mathematics. .

3. The Great Pyramid at Giza is allegedly 921.6 meters in diameter. Scroll down 80% .

COINCIDENCE? The 5 sides of the Pentagon and the 4 sides of the Pyramid combined = the

same number to the decimal point.

4. The same number allegedly connects the Great Pyramid to the Circumference of the Earth.

scroll down 30% .

5. The Pentagon's 5 sides are on the outer edge 72 degrees. 72 x 5 = 360 degrees or the

number of degrees in a circle. Scroll down 30%. .

The Mythical - Irrational - Infinite number Pi , of course , is all about THE CIRCLE.

6. A previous article has noted that Constantine The Great, the Roman Emperor that made

Rome a Christian nation is linked to Pi. He founded the City of Constantinople , named after

himself. He is linked to Pi as well. .

7. Constantinople is now named Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. It is on longitude 28.95 .

If one multiplies Pi x 9.216 one gets as an answer: 28.9529179 . insert -

pi x 9.216 = ... Further: The number .216 is a metaphor for The Antichrist since 216 is in fact,

6x6x6. insert .6 x .6 x .6 - click on search. The number 9 is 3x 3 or the 33 of

Freemasonry's highest degree or 3+3+3 or 333 of the Demon Choronzon or the number linked

to the Illuminati Rothschild clan. and .

8. The square root of 9216 is 96. insert - square root 9216. This happens to

be 45 less than 9261, the largest four digit cube number. .

45 is 3 x 3 x 5 , or 335 a number associated with Pi. On leap years the 335th day of the Year is

November 30th or 11-30 . Since zero has no numerological value it is 113, the first portion of the

Pi symbol digit 113/355.


The Pentagon - Giza Pyramid and Earth Circumference are linked to Circle and to Pi.

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