Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Euler Constant links 9/11 Pentagon and 7/7 London Attacks

There appears to be a link between the irrational Euler Constant and the mathematical

type of number known as an "apocalyptic power" in the design of the Pentagon in Washington,

D.C. This also ties into the numerology of the 9/11 attacks in which (allegedly) Flight 77 crashed

into the Pentagon during the synthetically created false flag attacks. There is a direct link to

the July 7, 2005 London Tube blasts. In numbers , they occurred on 7-7-05 . Zero has no value

in western numerology so it is 7-7-5. The reverse of this is 5-7-7.


1. Flight 77 hits 77 Foot high outer wall of Pentagon located at

Longitude 77. www.darkwingbird.com/oddities.pdf .

2. Number 77 in other Illuminati attacks - London - : www.rense.com/general66/dwh.htm .

EULER Constant is .577 : www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euler%E2%80%93Mascheroni_constant .

3. Euler also wrote a book on the moon. It was the reverse of the 577 - it was 775 pages long.

This happens to coincide with the tallest building in Mecca at 775 feet tall. And, of course, the

crescent moon happens to be the symbol of the muslim faith based in Mecca as well. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-baittower_princecharles.htm .

The Euler Constant reversed coincides with the 7-7-5 date of the London Blasts as well as to

the 775 pages of the Lunar motion book.

4. The Pentagon is comprised of 5 rings - each one 77 feet tall. The 577 or 775 as you wish. www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/pentagon.htm .

EACH OF ITS OUTER WALLS IS 921.6 feet long - as noted in the previous link.

5. The volume of the Pentagon is 77 million cubic feet. www.cr4.globalspec.com/thread/2343/September-11-1941-Pentagon-Construction-Begins .

6. It is 5 stories tall. www.everything2.com/title/Pentagon .

7. The number 9216 which coincides with the noted length of the Pentagon is mathematically

speaking an evil number and an apocalyptic power. www.numbergossip.com/9216 .

8. The use of 999s as a cover for 666s is well known in occult circles. www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/532114/posts .

9. If one puts the first 9 upside down in 9216 one gets 6216 Lindsay Lohan Leggings link 666

to Marilyn Monroe. www.scoreboard-canada.com/babylon-monroe6126.htm which is replete

with mathematical evil numbers and apocalyptic 666 powers.

10. Oddly enough, if one makes the last digit of the numbers of the length of Pentagon and

turns it upside down from 9216 to 9219 - one also gets an evil number and apocalyptic power. www.numbergossip.com/9219 .


The Pentagon Design is replete with references to the Euler Constant, The lunar tides and the

connection to Islam, evil numbers and apocalyptic powers which link to the 775 connection of the

London tube blasts and through Flight 77 - the 9/11 attacks. All of this you can see for yourself.

If it is not coincidence - then who or what could design this? Certainly nothing .... human.

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