Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Galveston Pyramids align with Giza Plateau

For those who believe that much of what happens in the modern world is "coincidence" it

becomes increasingly difficult to explain the sheer volume of connections in architecture, location

and design, addresses and geometric angles of the "modern world". This is especially true when

we see that many of today's modern structures and sites appear to have direct links to an

ancient civilization or civilizations that have disappeared or been destroyed mysteriously.

This brief article highlights another such connection . This one between three pyramids built

in Galveston, Texas, by yet another mystery billionaire and the three famous pyramids on the

world-known Giza Plateau. The reader must decide if this is coincidence or conspiracy...


1. The three famous pyramids on the Giza Plateau are located at latitude 29.58 N. This

appears to be the most common latitude number available on links online. .

2. The City of Galveston , Texas also has its 3 pyramids, apparently similar in comparative

sizes , shapes, and alignments to each other. They were made by another Texas billionaire. See

photo when it flashes up - and / .

3. Moody Gardens Billionaire - . The money

comes mostly from a trust with the American National Insurance Company , largely owned by

the Moody family. .

4. American National Insurance Company has a 555 address - similar to the 555 foot tall

masonic obelisk in Washington, D.C. known as the Washington Monument. .

5. The latitude of Galveston Island , Texas is 29.3194 N. Nearly exact to Giza - see photo ... If link not
working , google Galveston Island Latitude kitebeach.


Coincidence? Sure, if it were an isolated incident. But what does the reader say when articles posted by this writer show this happening not dozens , but hundreds of times?

Then it becomes A DESIGN. Who is the designer? That is the question for which the answer holds the key to the future of our species. The reader must determine this.

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