Monday, September 15, 2008

Pi 22/7 connects Napoleon Bonaparte to Mary Magdalene

Napoleon has been associated with the Illuminati elitists that seek to place the world under a

One-World Government. This particular article will provide a link between Napoleon and Mary

Magdalene and the number Pi. Whether this is coincidence or conspiracy is left up to the reader.


"One branch of the Rothschild family financed Napoleon..." . The other his enemies...

Napoleon tried to associate himself with the Merovingian Empire. .


The birthplace of Napoleon on the island of Corsica has a numerological link to 666: .

The following information has been recently noted by this writer. We know about Napoleon's

birthplace link to 666. Now it seems that his birthday, "coincidentally" is code for Pi.

Napoleon's Birthday happens to be August 15. .

August 15 happens to be the 227th day of the year .

Furthermore, The Feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene is July 22 which in Europe and outside of

the USA is stated not 7-22 but 22-7 , with the day coming before the month. She is the alleged

wife of Jesus Christ according to the Da Vinci Code and their descendants married the Frankish

barbarian nobility and formed the Merovingian Dynasty of which Napoleon also claimed heritage

as noted previously in this article. .


Also, The "second birthday" of Napoleon was Sunday , July 21 , 1771. This was the day

he was baptized into the Catholic faith. This would then be in Europe 21-7. This is very close to

the 22-7 of Mary Magdalene. It should be noted that in those days especially, Sunday was the

day for Baptisms. Therefore, this date was THE CLOSEST HE COULD GET TO HAVING BOTH


He could not have planned this coincidence. Was it the Devil, Destiny or a hidden hand? That is


1,771 also has an interesting "coincidence". The last three numbers have been associated with

the 23.5 Degree Possin Code which aligns with the Merovingian Mythos. 771 feet = 235.0008

meters. enter 771 feet = . See : .

In the Year 771 - Charlemagne inherited sole rulership of the Kingdom of the Franks, which

led to the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire. .

Napoleon called his new Crown, "The Crown of Charlemagne" .

The Holy Roman Empire could therefore be said to be linked to the Poussin 23.5 Degree code.


The Numerology appears to indicate that Napoleon Bonaparte may be (if one accepts the idea)

A Merovingian descendant of Mary Magdalene. If so, the Bloodline can produce great good or...

utter EVIL.


Reverend Chuck... said...

I love it..hate it..but love your take. Gonna put a link to your blog on mine.
whatever the truth, it is not what we have been made to consume.

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