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Constantine The Great Pi Numerology Analysis

The Catholic Church is what it is today -love it or hate it- due to the Roman emperor known as

Constantine The Great. He is also considered to be St. Constantine by the Eastern Orthodox

churches. He started life as a pagan but became (there is a question as to the sincerity) a

Christian after either having a dream or seeing a vision in the sky regarding a Christian cross

symbol and the words IN HOC SIGNO VINCES. Under this Symbol you are Victorious, prior to

going to battle against a rival for the throne at the Battle of Milvian Bridge.

For Background See:

In hoc signo vinces:

Council of Nicaea: .

Constantine I : .

Constantine and Pi:

1. His birthday is February 27, Year 272 A.D. This is in essence 227272. Just looking at it

shows its unusual nature. Another way of looking at it is To 2727 To - or towards 27 forward

and backward.

2. 22/7 is a symbol or near equivalent fraction for the mystical irrational number Pi. .

3. Therefore, his birthday resonates with a Pi Symbol as is obvious. The Year 272 also can be

viewed as an anagram for the same numbers 227 - 272. The difference between these two

numbers is 45. The reverse of 45 is 54 which is 27 + 27.

45 is 9 x 5 or 3 x3 x 5 which is 335. On leap years , the 335th day of the Year is November 30

stated 11-30 in Europe. This would be 11-3 or 113 a number associated with the Pi fraction

or symbol 113/355. .

Furthermore- 27 "It is the 28th (and 29th) digit in Pi"

and "if you start counting with zero it is one of the few self-executing strings in Pi" see same

portion of previous wiki link. For self-locating strings see

The only other number below 13,000 to have that quality is The number 6.

4. "The Da Vinci Code claims that Emperor Constantine created the New Testament canon- the

list of books counted as Christian Scripture alongside the Old Testament- and rejected

thousands of texts by Gnostics." .

5. The New Testament was compiled at the Council of Nicaea, convened under the orders of

Constantine . It is certain he did this. However, it is not certain that he did this with or without

the Pope, which was then Pope St. Sylvester. If not, then his authority would appear to exceed

that of the Pope. .

6. The New Testament has 27 Books. .

That would be 3Cubed or 3x3x3 = 333. The Bishop of Rome also known as the Pope , presides

over 333 parishes. scroll down 50% - .

Does this symbolize 27 and its link to Pi and Constantine?

7. In The New Testament, the 27th and final book is the Book of Revelations - The End of Days.

The Author, St. John The Divine or St. John of Patmos (the greek isle where the manuscript was

found) has his Feast Day on December 27th or 12-27 --AGAIN-- 1227 . . more coincidence?

Oddly enough, December 27 would be the 361st day of the year , except on Leap Years and and

the Number 361 has qualities that label it an "Apocalyptic Power" due to having a string of sixes

or 666. . On Leap Years December 27 would be the 360th day of

the Year and that number has an association with the Circle in that there are 360 Degrees in a

Circle. . Pi is a mystical number having to do with The Circle. .

See also more numerological oddities on 227 finalizing in 272 The Year of Constantine's birth. .

Jesus is said to have ushered in THE AGE OF PISCES. .

Constantine , born on February 27 would also be a Pisces.

Other famous Pisces born on that date would be Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary ,

Ralph Nader and Rudolf Steiner an advanced Occultist and magical adept. scroll to bottom of

previous link.


The Age of Pi -sces began with , for sure , Constantine I. This writer is convinced that if one

solves the riddle and ultimate answer of Pi, one solves the Mystery of the End Times as well.

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