Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Apocalyptic Power 666 links Giza Pyramids and Bush Dynasty

The illuminati are well versed in disguising their works in code while presenting them to the

masses of humanity - in plain sight. Many have wondered why the Giza pyramids are at

latitude 29.58 N, rather than reaching the more numerologically significant Number 30. There

must, it is conjectured, be a reason, since the egyptians or whomever built them were steeped

in occult lore and did little in their architecture by accident.

This writer believes that he has discovered the reason. The hidden code as to why the

pyramids were placed where they were on the Earth. It is as always , up to the reader to

determine what is true or false, conspiracy or coincidence.


1. .

2. .

3. .

The Number 2958 is from a mathematical perspective an "apocalyptic power" in that it

contains a string of three sixes or 666. .


This hidden 666 also connects to the Bush surprise , is there? .

as the arabs say, "Evil people.........know each other".

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