Sunday, September 28, 2008

6126 Lindsay Lohan Leggings link 666 to Marilyn Monroe

This brief article will show the occult nature of much of what goes on in Hollywood hides in

plain sight. Many people who become famous and rich or is it rich and famous through Movies

and Television have a "coincidental" link or connection to the Dark Side of the Occult. They

follow in the Left-Hand Path, trading Earthly riches and "glory" for Heavenly Treasure and

Eternal Life. It is a bad trade but there is no shortage of takers. Like P.T. Barnum said, "There's

One Born Every Minute" and when they die - Eternal Damnation awaits them.

This article highlights a numerological link involving Lindsay Lohan , child star gone bad.


1. Johnny Carson lived at a 666 Address. . Riches Talk

Show Host Ever.

2. Tom Cruise and Scientology. Most Successful (Financially) Actor Ever. Net Worth $300 M,2933,976,00.html .

3. Madonna who blasphemes Jesus at the Crucifixion and her name itself - a wh**e naming

herself after The Virgin. She makes nearly $80 Million. .

4. Madonna , Britney Spears , Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan involvement in 'Kabbalah'. .

5. Seinfeld - World's Wealthiest Comedian / Actor - making $90 Million a Year. Admitted to

being an adherent of Scientology. .

6. Sammy Davis Jr. and satanism: (accuracy of
events mentioned in link is unverified. Reader must do own research. Writer is ignorant of
factual or fictional nature of information)

7. John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart were Freemasons: As were many actors and Hollywood

types. MANY MANY ACTORS MORE - scroll down 30% .


A recent fashion trend or statement has been Lindsay Lohan leggings numbered 6126. The

number is allegedly based on the birthday of the ill-fated Marilyn Monroe.

See Leggings: and . The previous link

notes that the scheduled release was on 6-12.

612 is an 'evil' number and an apocalyptic power with a string of 666s see: .

612 reversed is 216. In the Left Behind Series it is the number of the antichrist 6x6x6= 216. .

6126, "coincidentally" also happens to be an 'evil' number and apocalyptic power with a string

of 666s see: .

Another coincidence , of course, what else could it be? Reverse 6126 and you get 6216 , which

happens to ALSO be an 'evil' number and apocalyptic power. .

Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the Illuminati. . The official

version is that she committed suicide. Either way, it is an odd choice of "role model" to have for

a new product. Marilyn was doomed from birth by her illuminist masters. Sadly, Lindsay is

doomed by choice. Her own choice to follow the Path of Shadow. The time to reform does not

last for long. She needs to repent and return to the light before her own number is called. The

choice is hers.........and yours-- in your life.

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