Thursday, September 4, 2008

Radian links Loch Ness Monster to Aeon of Horus

Recent discoveries into the illuminati paradigm that is being created on planet Earth, appear to

indicate that the mystical , irrational number Pi plays a key, if not critical role. The Radian of a

Circle is also linked to Pi. There are aspects of this subsection of the Pi concept that appear in

illuminati phenomenon as well.

This article focuses on a connection that unites the Giza Plateau to Loch Ness, the famous

lake in Scotland where Nessie, the sea monster or Loch Ness Monster resides. Whether this yet

is more coincidence or an exposed link of the conspiracy, is up to the reader to decide.


1. "The radian is a unit of plane angle, equal to 180/pi degrees, or about 57.2958 degrees. It is

the standard unit of angular measurement in all areas of mathematics beyond the elementary

level." .

2. The latitude of the Giza Plateau and its famous Pyramids is 29.58 degrees N. Latitude or

oddly enough, the first four numbers after the decimal point of the number of degrees of a

radian. .

3. The latitude of Loch Ness , Scotland is 57.29 N - /

The latitude line 57.2958 runs directly through the northern section, probably right on the town

on its shores called - Drumnadrochit. .

4. Loch Ness is also linked to the Aleister Crowley relgion or belief system known as Thelema.

He believed that the physical location of Boleskine House was the Thelemic Kiblah or Mecca

and that it was a center of great spiritual power for the AEON OF HORUS. .

Thelemic ceremonies are to be conducted worldwide in the direction of Loch Ness, Boleskine


5. The Kiblah is the direction muslims must pray in order to be bowing to Mecca. "most muslims

worldwide use a great circle"... .

6. The Radian and Pi , of course , are all about The Circle. .


The Thelemic rites , coincidentally (?), are oriented to the Boleskine Kiblah at the abode of

Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. This happens to be where the latitude line associated with the

radian - linked to pi - linked to the concept of a Circle - also happens to be.

Then , the first four digits after the decimal point of 57.2958 or 2958 happen to coincide with

the latitude of the Giza Pyramids 29.58 N. At Giza . The primary or among the primary gods

was Horus, the one-eyed god associated with the Falcon. Aleister Crowley stated that Boleskine

House was a center of power for The Aeon of Horus.

The reader must determine if this is coincidence or evidence of an elaborate illuminist - circle - .

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