Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pi links Ark of Gilgamesh to Freemason Madame Blavatsky

An odd connection was discovered by googling the beginning numbers of Pi with the words

Light Years. 31415 Light Years. A number came out that according to

Madame Helena Blavatsky, the leader of the Theosophy Movement was an equivalent for Pi,

the mystical-irrational-infinite number. Google 31415 20612 Blavatsky for more.

This number happened to be directly associated with the unit of measure 120 Cubits, which in

turn is linked to The fabled Ark of Gilgamesh and The Pyramid of Giza. Therefore it would seem

that the Ark of Gilgamesh , which is described as a Square , can be defined by the mysterious

number of the Circle Pi. IN OTHER WORDS: The Squaring of The Circle - a common Masonic

theme and ritual. Could this be coincidence or further evidence that Pi is the key - to the past

and Heaven and Hell.


1. The Secret Doctrine of H.P. Blavatsky states that "the Old Testament God (Alhim, 31415)

creates light (20612 to 6561)." scroll down 55% .

The Secret Doctrine states that 20612 to 6561 is 31415 to One. This therefore correlates the

number 20612 to Pi which is typically described in brief as 3.1415 .

2. 120 cubits is oddly, 206.12 Feet. See Great Pyramid of Giza by Louis P. McCarty on page

279. This number also appear to be aligned to the Temple of Solomon according to the Book.

3. The Ark of Gilgamesh was 120 cubits on all sides. . Further, the Wave Bending Moment

is 22,700 tfm for the Gilgamesh Ark as also noted in the article on this link.

As noted 120 cubits is 206.12 feet which corresponds to the 20612 to 31415 - or Pi - ratio of

THE SECRET DOCTRINE. Also 22,700 could be seen as a metaphor for 22/7 a common symbol

as well for Pi. . More coincidence???

4. As noted in the pictures of the worldwideflood link above, The Ark of Gilgamesh was a

Square and as one can see the Numerology links to Pi which is about Circles , then The Ark is

the basis for the Masonic Squaring of the Circle - the route to knowledge of the pre-biblical

flood, the world of the Fallen Ones....The Nephilim.

Masonic Squaring of the Circle:

This theme is also evident in the floor design of the Pantheon of ancient Greece. .


"Like Gilgamesh after he had traveled the round circle of the world-rim ... The core myth

of Gilgamesh lives on in the ritual of Freemasonry. scroll to bottom. .

** New Discovery: The Squaring of the Circle is Gilgamesh traveling around the Circle of the

Globe in his Square Ark. He travels apparently on a Square Ark/ Cruise Ship named........ Pi.

Gilgamesh was likely a hybrid Nephilim - Human. Scroll 50% .

The Core purpose of Freemasonry is to return mankind to the world of the Nephilim. Will we let

them do it? Will we allow ourselves to go Full Circle to a past destroyed by G-D or resist? The

choice, Dear Reader-- is yours......

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