Monday, September 8, 2008

Leap Year Pi links German Day of Destiny to 9/11

The date of November 9 has been called the German Day of Destiny since so many major

events have happened to that society on that date. Many of the events have been evil or bad

omens and tidings. There now appears to be a very obvious but previously undiscovered link

to the mystical irrational number Pi and the Leap Year. Coincidence? Or more evidence that we

live in an illuminati hologram? You the reader must decide.

Pi Day or Days:

3-14 or March 14 after the 3.14 first numbers of Pi; November 10 for the 314th day of the

Year and so forth. .

On Leap Years, the addition of an extra day means that the 314th day of the year would be

November 9. scroll down 15% .

November 9 - German Day of Destiny:

Eerie number of events in Deutschland on this date - .

Mainstream media sees it:,2144,1389348,00.html .

Thule Society and its founder Von Sebottendorf born on November 9: and . see also .


In Europe, Germany in particular, 9/11 would be written 11/9. This is a day-month-year

sequence as opposed to the US sequence of Month-Day-Year.

in the USA 9-11-01 is for Germany 11-9-01 and vice versa. Therefore, the 9/11 date for the

attacks on the WTC and Pentagon happen to be a date mirror-image for 11/9 German Day of

Destiny and birth of the black magic Thule Society which formed the incubator of Nazism.

To this can now be added the fact or factor that on Leap Years 11-9 / 9-11 is Pi Day.

Nazism was founded as a racist white supremacist group. Pi is all about the mathematics of a

circle. George W. Bush was President when 9/11 happened and his grandfather Prescott Bush

was a banker to the nazis. Could the 9/11 attacks have been code for another German or Nazi

"Day of Destiny". The Circle of mystery goes round-and-round. .

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