Monday, October 6, 2008

Kim Jong Il License Plates carry Mark of the Beast

Rarely has proof been so clear and easy to discern as the fact that the antichrist spirit inhabits

the body or outer human shell of a human being or "human being" than in the case of "Dear

Leader" Kim Jong Il , the evil entity that rules over the northern half of the korean peninsula.

His Cult of Personality , inherited from his father, is well known. He is essentially deified in that

-literally- G-D Forsaken northern land. He inherited his communist divinity charade from his

father. All religion is forbidden. To believe in G-D is punished severely. Total obedience and

slavish acquiescence are the norm. All who do not follow the program and do not adhere to the

Kim Matrix are banished to hell hole slave labor camps where nightmares are daily reality.


1. Kim Jong Il as a living "god":

"You don't doubt anything. He has absolute power.",8599,201976,00.html and He is known as the "Guardian

Deity of the Planet" .

2. The Number 216 is associated with the Antichrist in the semi-fictional Left Behind series. and scroll down 20% also scroll down 50% .

6 X 6 X 6 = 216

3. Kim Jong Il was born on February 16. .

4. February 16 is of course 2-16 or 216 or 6 x 6 x 6.

5. Kim Jong Il gives luxury vehicles away as gifts. They all have the License Plate 216. The

Mark of the Beast, not on the right hand or forehead but on the golden grille of a Mercedes Benz. and .


Will the recipient of a car from the "Dear Leader" burn in Hell for having a Mark of the Beast

License Plate? The answer to that is unknown. It was not addressed in The Book of Revelations.

However, can this numerical mystery really be coincidence? If not, then it goes a long way to

prove that what Pythagoras said was correct - ALL IS NUMBER. For better and for worse.

Drive Carefully and fasten Your Seatbelts. The Highway to Hell exit is approaching.

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