Monday, October 13, 2008

Freedom Tower links Pi and 666 to Terror Attacks

The following numerological analysis will provide the reader with Beyond-Coincidence

series of mathematical connections between Pi , the mystical - irrational -infinite number, the

666 Number of the Beast and the July 7, 2005 London / March 11 , Madrid and September 11,

NYC and Pentagon Terror attacks.

Seeing is Believing and like Pythagoras said "All is Number":

1. Pi is symbolized by the fraction 22/7:

2. The Stone is a unit of measure used in Britain and other UK linked countries. If you google

227 stones (as a metaphor for 22/7 symbol of Pi) one gets the answer 1441. Go to
and insert 227 stones - .

3. 1441 - 666 (The antichrist number) equals 775. 7-7-5 is the number of the date of the Terror

attacks on London. / .

4. The reverse of 775 is 577 which correlates to another irrational number the Euler Constant.

The Euler Constant is .577 and has been previously linked to the attack on the Pentagon in a

numerical manner. . Euler wrote a

book about the phases of the Moon which was 775 pages long. This happens to correlate to the

tallest building in Mecca whose religion , Islam , uses a crescent moon symbol. .

5. The 3-11 Madrid attacks happened 911 days after the infamous 9/11 attacks. .

In Europe , March 11 or 3-11 , would be 11-3. This correlates with the 113/355 fractional

symbol - again - for Pi. Further, those attacks on the trains did take place, obviously in Europe. .

If one "mirror images " the 3-11 and places it into the fraction, one gets 311/355. If one adds

311 + 355 , the answer COINCIDENTALLY is 666.

6. 245 + 666 = 911. It just so happens as well, that 245 is the sum of 5 x 7 x 7 / 7 x 7 x 5 or the

numbers for a) The Euler Constant ; b) the Euler Book on phases of the Moon pages; c) The

date of the London Terror Blasts; d) The number of feet of the tallest building in Mecca , the

central city of the religion of Islam whose symbol is the crescent moon. Do the math yourself.

The number 245 , mathematically speaking, is also an "evil number" and an "apocalyptic power"

see: .

7. September 11 , 2001 was the 254th day of the Year. This happens to coincide with the

number of counties in Texas and the area code for the Waco area, where the holocaust against

the Branch Davidian children was perpetrated. .

This also happens to be the area code for Crawford , Texas, the location of the bogus "ranch"

that is owned by President Bush . He clears brush there...for kindling to light the

world on fire.

8. 666 - 439 = 227. The number symbolically connected to the Pi fraction 22/7. As noted above,

227 Stones is 1441. It just so happens that 439 meters is 1441 feet. More coincidence? scroll

down 40 percent.

or google Taipei 101 1441 feet 439 meters.

9. Another symbol for Pi is 3.14 - .

10. If one calculates on google 3.14 Stones, the answer is 19.9399206 kilograms. The first attack

on the World Trade Center using a van with explosives was in 1993. The same as the first four

numbers in kilograms of Pi or 3.14 stones. . The Day was February 26/ 2-26.

11. The date of 2-26 was one day shy of being the - coincidentally - 2-27 of Pi. HOWEVER -

The attack could not have taken place on 2-27 of 1993 because it would have been a Saturday

and the World Trade Center offices would (mostly) have been closed - no body count for TV. .

12. Be it as it may, The WTC was destroyed and a replacement had to be selelcted. Correct?

The winning design for the new Freedom Tower was chosen on 2-27. / . The year was 2003. Nearly to the day

of the tenth anniversary of the first attack. More coincidence? The architect chosen was Studio

Daniel Libeskind. He is the son of jewish Holocaust survivors. The Height of the Tower will be

1776 feet. The smallest fraction that can roughly symbolize Pi would be 3.1 and .

13. If you multiply 1776 - the Year of USA Independence and the Birth of the Bavarian

Bavarian Illuminati you get 5505.6 Three 5s together before the decimal point. Go to and insert 1776 x 3.1. See Bavarian Illuminati 1776 at - .

555 = 666

14. The Washington Monument / Obelisk in the District of Columbia is 555 feet tall. That equals

6,660 inches. There were 555 days from the 9/11 attacks to the Iraq War II start. Iraq War / Washington 666 Monument .

15. The Iraq war began on 3-20-2003 or 3223, which again is an "evil number" and an

"apocalyptic number" according to Mathematicians. .

16. If one multiplies the Iraq War II numbers one sees the following: 3 x 2 x 2 x 3 = 36.

36 is a number heavily linked to the 666 Number of the Beast.

17. The 555 Numerology is also associated with the Branch Davidian Holocaust. Scroll down 80% .

18. The number 1776 is mathematically speaking - yes , you guessed it, an "evil number" and a

666 "Apocalyptic Power". . If you subtract 666 from 1776 you

get 1110. There is a Binary Building in Washington DC , addressed 1110 which some believe may

send secret messages out using numbers - more coincidence?

19. The official Birthday for the City of Rome is the 111th day of the Year (zero has no value).

There are 254 days left in the Year. .


September 11, 2001 was the 254th day of the Year. 1776 is evil and 666 apocalyptic, not

according to this writer but to mathematicians. The replacement Tower will be a replicate for

the Tower of Babylon and designed by a zionist. These numbers do not lie. Do the math and

weep. We are going further and further into the Matrix. Where will it end... probably in Hell --

Unless you , reader , and all of the human race unites to resist the Illuminati evil. That is fact.


Michael A. Bedar said...

Today, the day that Obama is visiting the WTC site for the first time, is 5/4/11, or 5+4/11, or 9/11. Ever wondered why the new WTC construction was going so slowly? Perhaps there is something about the size and shape of it now for Obama's visit that has some meaning.

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