Monday, October 13, 2008

Donald Trump unites Heaven and Hell in Chicago

Master real estate developer , self-promoter and suspected member of the illuminati, Donald

Trump is building a massive skyscraper in Chicago. The numerology , as to be expected is very

interesting. The building may in fact be a metaphor or even a portal linking Heaven and Hell.

The reader must make his or her own determination, as always.


1. Donald Trump is building a 1134 feet tall skyscraper in Chicago. .

It will be the tallest concrete building in the USA and the tallest building built since the Sears

Tower was completed in 1974.

2. Take a piece of paper and write 1134 on it. Now, turn it upside down. You will see , clearly,

that it spells hell . If you google around, you will find no other building that exact height in the

world. Some believe that constantly seeing the number means your are selected to go to Heaven

which is what the Babylonian towers of the USA , known as Skyscrapers strive for. Others , note

that upside down or at the bottom of the building is Hell. .

3. The US Government claims 1134 is widely used as a password to gain entry into computers

or better said as a Key or Portal into another realm known as Cyberspace. scroll to bottom .

4. Concrete is made from Cement which contains silicon which is the same material used in the

silicon wafers for computers and electronics. . The link

notes that it comes from a roman word meaning hard. The skyscraper is a phallic symbol that is

hard or "hard". Particularly so for this building The Biggest and Hardest phallic symbol in USA.

Silicon could also form the basis for strange lifeforms. .

5. 1134 contains the beginning numbers of the fraction for Pi 113/355 and if one multiplies

113 x 4 the result is 452. Strangely enough , this writer has written articles regarding 452

being numerologically linked as a portal to Heaven and Hell. .

The article notes that there are 452 steps to the Caves of Heaven and Hell in Turkey.

6. Finally, 1134 + 666 = 1800. This happens to mathematically be an apocalyptic power and

evil number. . 600 + 600 + 600 = 1800.


Donald Trump is attempting to recreate the taking of Heaven by Storm. The Heavens connect

to 1134 or hell . Hell rising to the Height of Heaven. This is additional evidence of his illuminati

connections. Coincidence or Conspiracy - You decide.

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