Sunday, October 26, 2008

Giza Pyramid Angle link to 5151 Mormon Hotels

The Mormon faith, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is known to

have masonic roots. Previously, it has been discovered that some of the Hotels were linked to

the suspected illuminati 333 numerology. See: . scroll to bottom or google Marriot 333 or Marriot 555.

Additional investigation by "coincidence" has discovered a connection between some of the

Hotel address and the slope angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza plateau in Egypt. More

coincidence or additional evidence of freemasonry in the Mormon belief system? The reader

must determine.


There are differing calculations but one that seems to come up frequently is 51.51 degrees or

there abouts. See: / / /

This phenomenon is also noted with that angle and pyramids by Sri Aurobindo and his sect. .

MORMON HOTELS AND 51.51 or 5151 Great Pyramid Angle Numerology:

1. The Albuquerque Marriot Pyramid North is at a 5151 address.

2. See a Photo of the Mormon 5151 Pyramid:

3. It is located on San Francisco Street which happens to have the Transamerica Pyramid as

its tallest building.

4. Marriott Bethesda , Maryland is also at a 5151 address. .

5. Courtyard By Marriott is at a 5151 address in Dallas , which is located on the 33rd Parallel. .

In his book, Pyramid Prophecies, by Max Toth , written in 1988, The Giza Plateau

is from the air, very similar to the layout of the terrain around Salt Lake City, the Mormon

Capital. Google - mormons great pyramid - . The mormons have roots in masonic ideology

who are obsessed with the Eye in the Pyramid or the missing capstone of the Pyramid. / .


If the 333 and 555 phenomenon for Hotel numbers and addresses was not a coincidence then

neither would be the address of a Pyramid in New Mexico built by neo-masonic mormons. This

is another example of the hidden cultic influence behind everyday life in the USA and much of

the world. The phenonmenon continues to spread. Will we stop it or will they consume the

human species in hells fire ? That is the queston.


Anonymous said...

Study the Book of Mormon for more hidden truth. You will see connections to many current world events and possibly the future of the United States.

Reema dsouza said...

I think, and it feels through all the articles, that you have mastered your subject from end to end.

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