Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pi links Golden Gate Bridge to Jewish Messiah

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco Bay is a marvel of engineering. It survived a major

earthquake without suffering any apparent damage in 1989. It is a major point of tourist

interest and also suicides. The mystical - irrational and possibly infinite number Pi is associated

with the symbolic fraction 22/7. .

Oddly enough, the Golden Gate Bridge is 227 meters tall. The tall bridge structure is the

height of many skyscrapers. .

The actual Golden Gate refers to the gate in the ancient walled city of Jerusalem in which

the jews believe their messiah will enter the city. It was sealed by the muslims centuries ago. .

The concept of The Gate, the return of the Messiah, the Final Judgment and a narrow

bridge is inherent in the ancient design of Jerusalem. scroll down 25% .


One question is whether the antichrist will try to enter Jerusalem through a reopened

Golden Gate. The possibility of this is depicted in characters from George Lucas crossing the

Golden Gate Bridge to go to the illuminati center in The Presidio. More coincidence? The reader

must determine. scroll down 50%

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